eveWorld Premiere: “Me N My” – Eve

Truthfully, I’ve never been the biggest dubstep fan. I’ll slip a Dizzee Rascal track into a mix CD every so often, but nothing too grimey. This track though, I must admit, is a total monster – one that’ll have a semi-permanent spot on my playlist until at least October. Eve has been gone for a good minute and it’s nice to hear her heading in a new direction. The last time we heard from her was on Swizz Beats’ mediocre “Tambourine” months before scrapping her comeback album plans. It seems that now that her television and clothing careers are over, she’s headed back to the studio with some serious intentions. “Me N My” appeared on the net hours ago and hasn’t stopped playing on my MacBook since. The Salaam-produced track features a sample off Benga’s Afro Warrior LP and plays like a ’97 Prodigy track fit for krumping competitions [Rize]. The song is so hyper, you can almost hear joints cracking and arms flailing to the Batmobile beat. Eve, at last, is back… paying homage to a musical genre that’s never taken off stateside: Grime. I’m happy to hear Eve using her mainstream mouth for the greater good. Come on, dance, come on.

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