amerie-margielaWorld Premiere, Pt. I: “Dangerous” – Amerie

Amerie‘s never had the best voice. But, she’s got the production to help you forget. The fact that she’s a softy vocally can make her either sound organic or pitchy. Rich Harrison took her strained soprano and placed it above big band D.C. drumkicks to make “1 Thing” her biggest hit to date. On her latest effort [In Love and War], the underrated songstress scraps the ballads to build bulk with what put her on the map in the first place – that big bang.  Fueled in part by live guitar backgrounds and heavy percussion, “Dangerous” and “Higher” are unquestionably two of the best R&B tracks of the year. Amerie’s lacking vocals just make them feel that much more real.

World Premiere, Pt. II: “Higher” – Amerie


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  1. she looks good. but her new songs CARRY.

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