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For one-night-only, UK nail artist, Sharmadean Reid, housed all her stateside friends under one roof to celebrate the soon-to-be-released book spanning her mini masterpieces. Her now-infamous nail salon, WAH Nails, is responsible for bringing back the acrylic madness of the 90′s R&B scene (a.k.a. Coko-nails) with the help of high fashion (see her Prada/banana set), British pop stars like Jessie J, hip-hop (see her Cash Money set below) and, of course, the blogosphere (tooting my own horn). Still one of the most visited posts on the blog - ‘pro.nails’ - and more specifically WAH Nails, is through and through Smoke & Mirrors in look and mentality. Ms. Reid’s party last week at the W Union Square blew the tips off of everyone. Big ups to my girl Mandi! And if you’re ever across the pond be sure to visit Reid’s game changing shop.

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  3. This is a great post, thanks!

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