July 6, 2022


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HP Envy x360 13-aq0000 Disassembly

On this instructional I display how you can disassemble an HP Envy X360 13-aq0000 collection Convertible PC, I can take away the ground duvet, battery, SSD, WiFi card, heatsink, and CPU fan.

This information will paintings for lots of other fashions of HP Spectre x360 13 Convertible PCs (type numbers 13-AQ0000 via 13-AQ10000): HP Envy X360 13-aq0005nr, 13-aq0007ca, 13-aq0008ca, 13-aq0011ms, 13-aq0044nr, 13-aq0045cl, 13-aq0051ms, 13-aq0077nr, 13-aq1001ca, 13-aq1007ca, 13-aq1008ca, 13-aq1010ca, 13-aq1010nr, 13-aq1020ca, 13-aq1030ca, 13-aq1040ca, 13-aq1050ca, 13-aq1075nr, 13-aq1076nr, 13-aq1175cl, 13-aq1185nr, 13-aq1195nr and almost certainly any other fashions too.

For this disassembly, you’ll want handiest 4 fundamental gear: Torx T5 screwdriver, Phillips #1 screwdriver, case opener device, and tweezers.

Listed here are some HP Envy X360 13-aq0000 Options:
The pc handiest has one M.2 SSD slot.
The RAM soldered to the motherboard.
The cooling fan and heatsink are detachable.
The keyboard is connected to the highest duvet.

Teardown is what we do! Practice us on Fb for the most recent restore information.

Take away the again duvet

Like maximum laptops, envy 13 can see the inner construction of the fuselage simply by taking out the again duvet, which isn’t tough to disassemble.
First, take away all visual screws from the again duvet.
5 silver screws are hidden beneath the self-adhesive rear backside foot. Peel off the foot to get right of entry to the screws.

When taking out the rear duvet, you wish to have to be aware of that there are handiest two screws at the again duvet. If truth be told, many of the screws are hidden beneath the foot pads. Use double-sided adhesive tape to mend it. You want to watch out when tearing it off, after which take away the row of screws beneath the foot pad.
Remove the screws

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After taking out the screws, use a case opener device to slowly elevate the again duvet from the brink of the fuselage. Then you’ll be able to see the elements within the fuselage. To be fair, the skinny and light-weight notebooks are more uncomplicated to disassemble than conventional notebooks, so it is extremely simple to wash the mud, improve M.2 SSD, wi-fi community card and battery.

After effectively taking out the again duvet, you’ll be able to see that despite the fact that to avoid wasting area, this HP pocket book is filled with interior area. However on the identical time, its structure isn’t messy, and it’s clearly in moderation designed. It’s no surprise that ENVY 13 may also be so skinny and light-weight on the identical time with robust efficiency, it handiest 14.7mm thick, as gentle as 1.2Kg
Internal picture

Take away the battery

To forestall injuries, we should take note of save you the technology of static electrical energy earlier than disassembling. Along with dressed in gloves, we should additionally unplug the battery cable from the motherboard.
Disconnect the battery cable

Take away all screws attaching the battery to the highest case meeting, you’ll be able to simply take away the battery.
We will see that the ENVY 13 is provided with a 53Wh large-capacity battery. This skill of the battery is regarded as as a big skill in a 13-inch pocket book – which is why it will possibly succeed in a protracted battery lifetime of 16.5h. Briefly, whether or not at the pass out or on a trade shuttle, a robust battery pocket book at all times offers us extra self assurance and is helping us paintings extra stably and successfully. HP ENVY 13 may also be mentioned to totally maintain the administrative center wishes of execs. And it additionally helps speedy charging generation, which may also be charged to 50% of electrical energy in 45 mins, in order that trade other folks not have to fret about falling into the catch 22 situation of inadequate energy.
Remove the battery

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Take away the CPU fan and heatsink

Take away six screws securing the heatsink.
Take away one screws securing the CPU fan and disconnect the fan cable from the motherboard.
Remove the heatsink

It makes use of a large and thick unmarried copper tube warmth sink. The CPU and GPU are attached in collection. A fan attracts chilly air from the ground of the fuselage into the fuselage and discharges the warmth from the LCD hinges. This can be a extra standard warmth dissipation design. The benefit is that it will possibly habits warmth from the {hardware} in a well timed and environment friendly way, additional boost up the conduction of warmth, and make sure the steadiness of the temperature within the fuselage.
Remove the CPU fan

CPU fan and heatsink

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