August 12, 2022

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Tips on how to Substitute a CMOS Battery on Desktop and Computer

CMOS Battery is a type of battery this is very tiny in measurement however has an important position on your laptop’s running. It powers the BIOS Firmware of your Computer/PC by which the booting procedure occurs. Through the years, it’s conceivable that this battery can grow to be lifeless (or fail), which will motive other varieties of issues on your laptop’s running. A few of them are the next:

  • Having problems in Booting Procedure
  • Time and Date shall be reset (each and every time, you’re going to boot)
  • The motherboard would possibly produce a beeping noise

To be able to keep away from those issues, changing the CMOS Battery is necessary, which is reasonably simple and calls for a short while.

Tips on how to exchange CMOS battery in Desktop

        1. In finding the CMOS Battery on Motherboard (it has the similar look as discussed within the symbol).
        2. On a selected facet of the battery’s holder, there can be a Tenon used to mend the battery and grasp it tightly.
        3. Press down the Tenon with a screwdriver (or together with your nail, if no longer to be had).
        4. On pushing it down, the battery will mechanically pop up.
        5. Take away the outdated battery and set up a brand new one.

Desktops All the time use the battery with the next style quantity: CR2032 3V Lithium Battery (producer can also be other, however the style quantity will be the identical).

Tips on how to exchange CMOS Battery in Computer

  1. Take away the ground duvet out of your computer and take a look at the CMOS Battery at the motherboard.
  2. Disconnect the Integrated battery cable from the motherboard, then disconnect the CMOS battery cable from the motherboard. Please be aware that you just will have to disconnect the integrated battery cable prior to you’ll be able to contact different elements. Another way, static electrical energy would possibly injury your pocket book.
  3. Typically, the CMOS Battery is mounted with a double-sided tape at the palmrest, which can also be separated from it by way of making use of a bit drive.
  4. Take away it and exchange it with a brand new CMOS battery.
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laptop cmos battery

The CMOS Battery of each and every computer is other. To test the CMOS Battery style, you’ll be able to take away the ground duvet to test it or ask the computer producer. You’ll be able to additionally seek for your computer within the MyFixGuide retailer to search out the CMOS Battery.